Cartel a young boy who died at the age of 16years as the most wanted criminal at east lands. It started with him dropping out of school in class seven. Cartel refused to go to school because of peer influence, lack of basic necessities, school fees among others.

He thought life out of school was going to be fine and cool but little did he know what awaited him was more than he expected. He never knew that it would lead him to his grave rather than give him a cool life.


He should have never turned to be a thug. It was a choice that was made for him. decided to go after he failed to complete his  primary education.Due high level of poverty and lack of jobs here in Kenya this made him to be a thug since that was the only source of income to him and also his siblings.

He soon joined the other guys who had more experience than him, an experience out of school out of the adults reach where no one told him what to do and not do. They introduced him to drinking, smoking, and using other hard drugs. This was the first initiation they did to him.  Within no time he was shown how to use guns and he started  robing  people.

Everyone warned Cartel of his new found friends but all those warnings fell on deaf ears.

He started robbing people’s houses and within no time it became his way of earning a living. He was an expert in robbery with violence. He became so rich and famous and with no time he was made the head of robbers in Eastland’s.

This is the place where majority of the youth are living as thug. People feared him and since it was rumoured that he had acquired himself a gun.


Cartel had planned to go and rob someone’s apartment but the police were on his trail, since previously they had killed some old man and his wife.  Cartel and his men were caught and when they tried to run the police had no choice but to gun them down. He was among those who were unlucky since he died on the spot.

Cartel had killed many people in his short life in the street but God repaid him, he died a young man who could have helped to steer the country’s future he could have been a good man had everyone been involved.


I keep wondering how many more young men die so young and we do nothing to help?  Who is to blame for the life we youth are living today??




Potential youths and great minds are going to the grave. Each and every day, lives are being lost as a result of people drinking irresponsibly. Many children are out of school, as a result of lacking a caring parent to pay school fees. Most families are broken up denying children parental love and mothers no longer enjoy marriage life.

Due to lack of jobs opportunities in Kenya many youths have turn to crime and drug abuse since they lack income generating activities to earn a living.

Recently I went to K.C.C a small slum here in Umoja, Nairobi and we were sensitizing the community about drug abuse, illicit brew chaga’a using an advocacy tool known as grass root comics. We drew the issue and displayed the comics in the community and the residences gave us both positive and negative feedbacks.


Martin Ndun’gu at K.C.C slum explaining a Grassroot Comic about illicit brew to the residence

One member of the community said “Chaga’aa should not be abolished because it helps to raise money to sustain our families. Chang’aa money has been used to take children to school. People should use one type of drug to avoid intoxication. People should not drink too much chag’aa. It breaks up families.”

“When you take chaga’a you end up doing irresistible behavior, having sex without protection. Once you start taking chag’aa it’s hard to stop. It deteriorates our health”, another resident stated.  The residents recommend that we are doing good job for educating the community about the killer destroyer chag’aa which is everywhere in that slum. “People do not take break first instead whey take chag’aa”, one youth mentioned to us.


Grassroot comic on illegal alcohol

“People neglect their wives. They do not even look for jobs because they are drunk. People should be given guidance on how to stop drinking illicit brew. Illicit brew cost should be lowered .People drink to some exerted that they can’t recognize their families. The people selling the illicit brew should be reported to the chief office and be arrested”, these are just a couple of the feedbacks I received from the comics while in the community.

One old lady said, “People should stop taking chaga’a and drink bottled beers. Those selling illicit brew should be chased out of the slum. Men do not take their responsibility as head of families including satisfying their wives sexually. The illicit brew kills and it has lead to increased orphans and widows in the slum”. “Those who heard our message will stop selling and those who are ignorant will continue selling the illicit brew. Those who sells end up doing positive things in life while those who drink end up breaking up their families and death.”

“Some youths said they wanted to join Digital Storytelling classes after they linked our work and other youths from vision Warriors association (Gaza) wanted to be taken to vocational courses.


“The government should enforce hash law to cub the menace of illicit brew in all parts of the nation since its effects are very negative and also it had lead to death of youth men and women.

The government should come up with projects to keep the youths busy so that their minds remain sober and they become active in building this beautiful country Kenya.


I thank all Kenyans who participated in the March 4th general election and has continued maintaining peace throughout our beautiful country Kenya. I know it was not that easy to go out there and preach peace in various part of the country.


I thank all organization which contributed to preach peace including Undugu Society of Kenya. I myself I was also involved in various workshops to preach peace to various part of this nation and it was not as easy as saying ABC.

We used various method to enhance peace which included, field visits, grass roots comics, radio programs any also held various workshops. We have shown the world that Kenya is a peaceful country and we want to move forward for development and we all equal despite our tribes and religion and there’s no special tribe than the other because we are all Kenyans.


Many youths now know that what happened 2007-2008 was because of one big enemy called tribalism as people were fighting other tribes.


Kenya is big than individuals I look forward for those leaders who were elected on March 4 to building our nation and bring development and all what they promised Kenyans in their manifesto.


They say an idle mind is a devils workshop as every now and then, I keep on wondering whether this is a working or drinking nation. I feel sad when I speak of this, since even my close friends have been victims, yet my brothers and sisters involved in this are yet to show willingness of stopping to drink the illicit brew.(changaa)

Martin Ndung’u

Each and every day, lives are being lost as a result of people drinking irresponsibly; many children are out of school, as a result of lacking a caring parent to pay school fees. Most families are broken up denying children parental love, mothers no longer enjoy marriage life, fathers too!

Due to lack of jobs opportunities in Kenya many youths have turn to crime and drug abuse since they lack income generating activities to earn a living.

The ministry of youth affairs has been giving the youths loans to start up small business but majority do not get this funds due to the high number of youths and also the corruption in the ministry youth affairs.

Potential youths, great minds are going to the grave. When will the government take stern action against illegal brewers?



Save A Young Life In Kenya

Each and every morning, as we walk along the streets of Nairobi, one hardly misses to come across a street child either walking around or seated on the verandas begging for money.

We never bother to have a look at them or even to greet them. We either drop in a few coins on the palm of their hands or shrug them off whenever they try to make few steps behind us.

Those who have been lucky in life for not having experienced street life, tend to think that these children are different from others who are leading lavish styles in their parental homes. No not at all, if given a chance to basic things in life, in terms of education, healthcare, food and better living conditions, they outshine those from well off families.

Undugu Society of Kenya has always taken the initiative of making street living and working children better. The private sector has done a lot to help minimize children in the streets but government should put more effort in funding such organisation and also set up such more rescuing centres so as also help these children.

They are our children all they need is just to be empowered.


The government has taken a measure of destruction and demolition of houses almost everywhere in Nairobi. Recently we saw how a slum known Mitumba in South C near the Wilson Airport was destroyed within few hours of the fateful morning.

Martin Ndung'u

I personally took an obligation to visit the site and l did not like what l saw? Can you imagine the people living there including young children where they will go?

Martin Ndung'u

Oh God please help the government of Kenya to understand its people. How the things happens below the government without having any notice.


It is the government who should be blamed for the demonization. Those people who their houses were demolished, the government should compensate them or locate them to another area.



Over the past years the government and the nongovernmental organisation have trying hard to eradicate the dumpsite in Dandora but all are in vain. Have  you ever asked  yourself why? Well all l can say is that as much as they are trying they hear first the view both the community leaving there and the people who are earning  their living and also the city council of Nairobi.

The dumpsite has both the advantage and disadvantage, as for the advantage it has changed the lives of many youth in the surrounding areas by creating jobs such as sorting out the recycle ones and the non recycle ones thus making the easier for the recycling industry.

As for the disadvantage it a health hazard for the people working and living around it this include: cancer, lung related diseases, skin diseases cause by harmful chemicals, countless deaths leave alone the rapes and atrocity committed to little boys not forgetting theft and robberies while hiding in the dumpsite.

As for l would like the government to minimize the dumpsite so as the people don’t lose their livelihood and to reduce the dumping of dangerous and flammable chemical and if possible stop the chemical producing industry from dumping.

 All the rest like insecurity will decrease.