Cartel a young boy who died at the age of 16years as the most wanted criminal at east lands. It started with him dropping out of school in class seven. Cartel refused to go to school because of peer influence, lack of basic necessities, school fees among others.

He thought life out of school was going to be fine and cool but little did he know what awaited him was more than he expected. He never knew that it would lead him to his grave rather than give him a cool life.


He should have never turned to be a thug. It was a choice that was made for him. decided to go after he failed to complete his  primary education.Due high level of poverty and lack of jobs here in Kenya this made him to be a thug since that was the only source of income to him and also his siblings.

He soon joined the other guys who had more experience than him, an experience out of school out of the adults reach where no one told him what to do and not do. They introduced him to drinking, smoking, and using other hard drugs. This was the first initiation they did to him.  Within no time he was shown how to use guns and he started  robing  people.

Everyone warned Cartel of his new found friends but all those warnings fell on deaf ears.

He started robbing people’s houses and within no time it became his way of earning a living. He was an expert in robbery with violence. He became so rich and famous and with no time he was made the head of robbers in Eastland’s.

This is the place where majority of the youth are living as thug. People feared him and since it was rumoured that he had acquired himself a gun.


Cartel had planned to go and rob someone’s apartment but the police were on his trail, since previously they had killed some old man and his wife.  Cartel and his men were caught and when they tried to run the police had no choice but to gun them down. He was among those who were unlucky since he died on the spot.

Cartel had killed many people in his short life in the street but God repaid him, he died a young man who could have helped to steer the country’s future he could have been a good man had everyone been involved.


I keep wondering how many more young men die so young and we do nothing to help?  Who is to blame for the life we youth are living today??



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